A Force Larger than Myself

When I get quiet and surrender to a force larger than myself I allow for a guidance that is greater than I can devise.  That guidance allows me to transcend the parameters of the mind and lets me experience all of the other forces that make us who we are, like experiencing the space rather than the form that we can see.  When that space becomes visible I can see what is informing the form and can on a spirit level adjust the energy so that it may realign itself with it’s flow.  It is in the blockage of that energy that disease can begin to manifest.  The body has all it needs to mend and heal itself but when it gets off set by these unseen forces  ( to the naked eye) it literally can get shut down in the areas where it is needed most.  By allowing a force larger than ourselves into our experience we open ourselves up to the possibility of another source of healing, guidance and direction.  I encourage you to find a practice that allows you to open up to a higher power so that you may experience the grace that comes with doing that.  In a world where it can be hard to find that grace, opening up to the divine universe gives you access on a daily basis.  What is your practice?  Let me know.

About hermas
Hermas has had a spiritual practice for over 20 years. He moved to Santa Monica 7 years ago to train as a life coach through The Coaches Training Institute. Following on from my training as a life coach I became certified through CTI an ICF accredited school of coaching (who are the governing body of professional coaches worldwide). Hermas has completed hundreds of hours of life coach related training, healing and life purpose courses. For two years running Hermas was on the board of the ICF Los Angeles chapter in the role of programs director and president elect. Until recently He was the Yogi Times Life Coach- writing a monthly column on Life coaching and healing related articles. He has been interviewed on numerous occasions about Life Coaching for CHSR Healthy Life.com, stardate2100 and CBS News. Hermas is also trained in spiritual cleansing techniques which along with systems he has developed over the years help his clients let go and forgive past grievances that free them to live empowered lives. Hermas has led workshops of up to 70 people in Los Angeles, London and Innsbruck Hermas is also an oscar nominated documentary producer (Deliver Us From Evil) A husband and father of three kids 14, 11 and 7.

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