“As an Agape Practitioner and as a person who has been on a comprehensive, passionate, and life-saving multi-modality spiritual path for 41 years, I met with Hermas at first in regards to networking and not regarding any therapeutic request of my own. Then in a gesture of support and inquiry I bid and won some sessions with him that he had so generously donated to a silent auction. So it began that in my first session with Hermas I put on his table my most persistent achilles heel. I travel quite a bit and haven’t had very many sessions. I am still in my quest for complete resolution of this issue, but since I began working with Hermas I have begun to release and embrace quite rapidly and steadily the blocks and gifts within the former mystery. I can say right now that I have no doubt whatsoever that with Hermas as my guide and witness I will transcend this blind spot that has been with me for 46 years (but whose counting? LOL). Although his technique/method is lovely and effective, I believe he could be doing anything and it would work. Hermas is a very rare person who combines presence, insight, compassion, and deep listening with something else that is so rare in the healing and helping professions that I don’t really have words for it. This quality is related to an absence of unhelpful sentimentality almost bordering on a nonviolent anger that is akin to the avenging angelic quality of the divine masculine itself. Focus….clarity….precision of authenticity… health…boundaries…a natural energetic of cutting away that which no longer serves. I hope I have not made Hermas sound scary because he is not at all. He is a loving human being; and isn’t that just the partnership it takes for true healing to occur after all?!” Cathy O’Neill

About hermas
Hermas has had a spiritual practice for over 20 years. He moved to Santa Monica 7 years ago to train as a life coach through The Coaches Training Institute. Following on from my training as a life coach I became certified through CTI an ICF accredited school of coaching (who are the governing body of professional coaches worldwide). Hermas has completed hundreds of hours of life coach related training, healing and life purpose courses. For two years running Hermas was on the board of the ICF Los Angeles chapter in the role of programs director and president elect. Until recently He was the Yogi Times Life Coach- writing a monthly column on Life coaching and healing related articles. He has been interviewed on numerous occasions about Life Coaching for CHSR Healthy Life.com, stardate2100 and CBS News. Hermas is also trained in spiritual cleansing techniques which along with systems he has developed over the years help his clients let go and forgive past grievances that free them to live empowered lives. Hermas has led workshops of up to 70 people in Los Angeles, London and Innsbruck Hermas is also an oscar nominated documentary producer (Deliver Us From Evil) A husband and father of three kids 14, 11 and 7.

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