What is Emotional Release?

What is emotional release?

When you were young you experienced life through judgmental eyes and ears. That judgement created stories that you still carry around with you today, stories which do not serve you. In fact these stories inhibit your freedom as the behavior that they evoke is that of the child who created them. By working with the child in you, you can release the trapped energy through expression, understanding and forgiveness. This release will change your behavior today.

How do you release?

Yesterday after my posting I was asked “how do you release?”   Here is one way to release.

Releasing really comes down to you being aware (this is the first step! awareness that you are holding on to a way of being)  of how much holding on costs you emotionally, energetically and physically.   Holding on to all that taxes your wellbeing and  is not necessary!  Release that baggage and you may find yourself feeling unconstricted, lighter, freer and all with more energy.

So how do you let go?  Once you have established that you are holding on to a way of being ask your self what’s the story behind it?  Could be a story from your childhood or your teenage years.  Once you have a story in mind ask yourself who was there, present in that story.  When you have a person in mind reflect on what it was that was unfinished or unexpressed between you both.  Unexpressed emotion, feelings and or thoughts are the building blocks of resentment and anger – Resentment and anger are the glue that holds the behavior to you.

Release the Anger or resentment by being fully expressed to that person.  You do not have to do this with the other person, you can create a conversation in your mind with that person and imagine them interacting with you.  In your imaginary world have them respond to you as you are fully expressed with them.  When they respond to you imagine them responding not from their personality as you know it but rather from their heart personality or from a place of pure love, what would they say to you then?  This conversation can provide you with the fertile ground for understanding and forgiveness and or release.  Once they are released you are done on that level, you have let go and all the baggage that went with what you were holding on to will now be gone!

Then keep an open heart and see what you receive.

Give it a try and let me know how you do and what you receive or get in touch with any questions!   Email me at   hermas@lassallecoaching.com

Release the Baggage Collector

I was made aware yesterday of the amounts of baggage I carry around with me that I am not conscious of.  This baggage had a very subtle and yet powerful way of throwing me off track.  I only noticed the power of it when it came into my consciousness, up to that point I was not aware that I even carried that baggage!  The subtle way in which it showed up hidden in the habits that formed a large part of my day.  The routine that I took for granted is really just these habits repeating themselves over and over again.  When we break routine we allow ourselves the opportunity to see or experience that yearning for the habit, we want it back in our lives as it serves a purpose albeit a subtle purpose!  So how does this baggage translate to subtle behavior and how can we put down the baggage and change our habits.  As I became conscious of my behavior yesterday I recognised that there was a need not being met in that moment, I tracked the way I was feeling to an experience from when I was 13 and did a healing.  I forgave myself and my mother and released the story I had around projects.  In the healing I had my needs met and was able to let go!  I no longer carry that piece of baggage and my step is lighter!   Om Shanti

Discussion on Forgiveness

Helping release conflict in our lives by embracing forgiveness.

Once you have taken responsibility for your part in any conflict and you now own your part in what happened you can forgive the other by releasing all the negative energy you were carrying around with you and in turn forgive and free yourself.

The trick is to understand the power of forgiveness. Saying those words: “I forgive you” are often the hardest words to utter. They hold the key to your freedom, freedom from the shackles that our stories impose upon us. Find a scenario in your life that you would never forgive in a hundred years. Do you feel any weight around this issue? Does it bring you joy or pain? Ask your self what would you feel like if that weight were lifted. Who would you be if the issue were no more. The thing to remember is that all issues we hold exist in our own personal perception of what happened, (we make up what happened to suite our identity or ego at that time). Ask your self if holding on to that rightful blame brings you personally a deep peace?  What needs to be communicated from that time that has not been?  Being fully expressed around any issue will ease the internal tension immensely.

If the first step of this peace process was to take responsibility then forgiveness is the part of letting go.

Create some meditation time away from distraction where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to take you to a deep calm space within…deeper…breath…deeper. Ask yourself these questions below, letting the answers be. Do not make more of them than that which you receive. There are no right or wrong answers, just your answers given to you as per your understanding at this time and your willingness to be totally honest with yourself. Do not write you answers down, trust that will remember all that you need to.

Forgiveness questions.

Note: Preface each question with “By the Grace of The Universe, at this time,…”

A) – what stops me from forgiving myself? – how do I forgive myself? – how would The Universe have me forgive myself? – what is forgiveness when it comes from the Grace of The Universe?

– what is my gift for peace when I have fully forgiven myself or allowed myself to be forgiven by the Grace of The Universe?

B) By the Grace of The Universe, at this time, … – who is the “victim” in me? – who is the “persecutor/victimizer” in me? (the “racist”, the “enemy”, the “terrorist”.) – who is the “savior” in me?

– how would The Universe have me forgive these aspects in myself? – how would The Universe have me forgive these aspects in others?

C) By the Grace of The Universe, at this time, … – how may I include the “other” to bring unity to myself? – what is the potential for world peace when I include the “other”? – how is it when all parts of me are fully in harmony?

Did you learn anything new around forgiveness? From what you have learnt what can you apply to your life? The harmony that we feel within has a direct reflection on the World. Graciously giving to yourself in this way is part of accepting and recognizing all the different parts that make you up and working with them. Forgiveness is a powerful tool in healing both the world and ourselves.  Let me know what you found out.  I will be writing more on forgiveness.  Om Shanti. Hermas