Thank You For Triggering Me!

Thank You For Triggering Me!

FREE EVENT with Hermas Lassalle

“Discover My Signature 5 Step Proven System For Releasing Triggers That Genuinely Changes Your Relationships, Gives You Tremendous Freedom, And Finally Helps You Create The Life You Deserve.”

Tuesday, October 4th, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

A $297 Event – Yours FREE When You Register Below

Hosted at a secret location in Santa Monica, CA

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If you’re like most conscious people, you’ may be aware that you need to improve and change yourself to get beyond the triggers that stop you from making clear decisions and having fulfilling relationships. The good news is that you are aware of this.

The challenge is that you’re overpowered, overwhelmed, frustrated, burnt-out and disempowered by these same triggers you are aware of; because you just do not know how to get beyond them to get the results you want.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Hermas Lassalle and I am known as The Trigger Release Coach. I have become a global authority for helping people just like you to create deeply fulfilling-aligned, relationships so that you share your gifts in an empowered way with the world and those close to you. I can help you become the centered, empowered, present vehicle for yourself, your purpose and your service.

And after being personally endorsed by many of todays evolved inspired thinkers, highly respected professionals and hundreds of clients, I have developed a simple, easy-to-follow, 5 step system to help you empower yourself….RIGHT NOW.

Here is what some of my clients say about my work.

“Working with Hermas inspired me to manage a turbulent career change and transition to my next chapter which continues to bring me the joy I was meant to feel from the work I love to do.  I learned that both the journey and the process have some really powerful lessons on how you can honor who you are and what you want.”

– Ronda Carnegie, Global Partnership Director TED.

“frankly my experience with Hermas has been life changing and I am not typically one to use such language!”

– Koorosh Rassekh, MA MFT

“I had spent about two years in conversational therapy a few years back, by the end of which I was quite frustrated as I felt that we were simply perpetuating issues by talking circles around them. Hermas blew me away. He was able to pinpoint a deep issue in just one session and provided me with great clarity as well as release from it.”

– AC , Lawyer

On October 4th At A Secret Location in Santa Monica, CA.

I’ll take a small group of conscious individuals through my transformational, 5 – step, signature process to help you become empowered and crystal clear on the most effective, efficient, and fluid way to release triggers and create healthy relationships right now.

The cool thing about this system is that it’s easy to follow, and it works!

You’ll want to attend this event if:

You get triggered.

You are in a challenging relationship and desire better communication.

You have tried everything, and you still get triggered.

You are struggling to find the best (and quickest) way to overcome your triggers.

It’s a top priority for you to surround yourself with other positive, visionary, supportive people who are also looking to release their triggers.

You’re ready to step into a new level of power, vision, and purpose in your life….now.

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Why You Don’t Want To Miss This

A ticket to a Hermas Lassalle event can run upwards of $2,000 per person, and people gladly invest up to $12,000 to be a part of his exclusive private coaching practice.

So getting to attend a live event FOR FREE is truly a phenomenal opportunity.

But here’s the catch.

Registration is first-come, first-served, so if you want to attend, you must enter your information below…RIGHT NOW.

Because it’s very likely that this event will fill up fast, within hours of opening up registration.

So enter your information below and you’ll receive a private email with the location and further instructions.

Register right now. Don’t wait, or you will likely miss the boat.

Hermas Lassalle (The Trigger Release Coach)

Hermas has worked with powerful thought leaders, artists and high level professionals globally working to transform and evolve consciousness, inspiring people to live their most aware, purposeful and empowered lives. Hermas has helped rebuild fulfilling family relationships where there were none. He is also known as a powerful transformational life coach – a columnist, a consultant, he has been heard on numerous radio talk shows and been seen on TV.

Hermas lives trigger free in Santa Monica with his wife and three children.