A Force Larger than Myself

When I get quiet and surrender to a force larger than myself I allow for a guidance that is greater than I can devise.  That guidance allows me to transcend the parameters of the mind and lets me experience all of the other forces that make us who we are, like experiencing the space rather than the form that we can see.  When that space becomes visible I can see what is informing the form and can on a spirit level adjust the energy so that it may realign itself with it’s flow.  It is in the blockage of that energy that disease can begin to manifest.  The body has all it needs to mend and heal itself but when it gets off set by these unseen forces  ( to the naked eye) it literally can get shut down in the areas where it is needed most.  By allowing a force larger than ourselves into our experience we open ourselves up to the possibility of another source of healing, guidance and direction.  I encourage you to find a practice that allows you to open up to a higher power so that you may experience the grace that comes with doing that.  In a world where it can be hard to find that grace, opening up to the divine universe gives you access on a daily basis.  What is your practice?  Let me know.

Release the Baggage Collector

I was made aware yesterday of the amounts of baggage I carry around with me that I am not conscious of.  This baggage had a very subtle and yet powerful way of throwing me off track.  I only noticed the power of it when it came into my consciousness, up to that point I was not aware that I even carried that baggage!  The subtle way in which it showed up hidden in the habits that formed a large part of my day.  The routine that I took for granted is really just these habits repeating themselves over and over again.  When we break routine we allow ourselves the opportunity to see or experience that yearning for the habit, we want it back in our lives as it serves a purpose albeit a subtle purpose!  So how does this baggage translate to subtle behavior and how can we put down the baggage and change our habits.  As I became conscious of my behavior yesterday I recognised that there was a need not being met in that moment, I tracked the way I was feeling to an experience from when I was 13 and did a healing.  I forgave myself and my mother and released the story I had around projects.  In the healing I had my needs met and was able to let go!  I no longer carry that piece of baggage and my step is lighter!   Om Shanti

Respecting & honoring the life force that is greater than ourselves.

I was shown the other day how the power of forgiveness clearly shifted a great burdensome weight from the shoulders of an individual. It reminded me that we cannot underestimate the power of the forces that we cannot see! The very deep emotional release that took place freed up the psyche and a pattern of nightly distress was released.

We are given and or shown every nano second how to be that is in alignment with our true nature in accordance with the natural balance of this planet, yet we only hear or listen to 1% of that direction that is given to us 100% of the time. When we let ourselves receive from a force greater than ourselves we invite guidance that encompasses more than we can conceive with our mind and worldly experience. Guidance that is in line with our origin. We have become a blunt tool, as the lessons for sharpening our selves have been warped and polluted by our overactive ego, which cannot see beyond its own existence. When we understand that our ego is often controlled by our shadow (which can include fear, anger) and not our light, it makes sense that we get caught in holding onto negative emotion as it is that negative emotion which gives our ego a reason to exist!

When we surrender to a force greater than ourselves we open up to an experience of that ego for what it really is. Allowing us to address the balance, the balance of light and dark. When mystical experiences occur (ones that we cannot explain with our mind) we can very easily put it down to luck or coincidence discarding the subtle vital signs of a force greater than ourselves at work.