New Testimonial

When I first came to Hermas, it was with high hopes balanced by a fair amount of skepticism, I admit, to resolve a long-standing negative charge around a primary relationship in my life, one I felt was haunting me, and preventing me from moving forward.   I felt “stuck”, “trapped”, and somewhat resigned to the idea that, due to the hand I was dealt, change would be difficult or impossible regarding my perceived “lot”.  Narrative therapy, (one of many modalities that informs Hermas’ approach) was appealing to me, as someone whose work has always revolved around storytelling.  However, I had a strong attachment to the earliest, seminal “chapters” of my life, especially when it came to the prism through which I viewed my mother. The imprint was strong, almost to the point of being impenetrable.  My beliefs surrounding that particular relationship seemed doggedly true, and there was enough rational evidence to support that construct because, when I came to work with Hermas, my maternal parent, with whom I had endured such a complicated and unresolved relationship, had since passed away, without my having experienced anything even approaching closure with her.  Hermas’ deeply compassionate yet “not going to let you off the hook” tactic was to look me in the eye and say, “If you want to change your story, it’s simple.” I stared at him, incredulous, wondering if, in his enlightened wisdom, he was “simply” dismissing the pain and struggle around what had always felt like an overwhelmingly complex tangle of emotions.  I blurted,  “How could you possibly say such a thing?!” . Hermas (thankfully) responded with his usual calm and clarity: “I never said it was easy.  But I promise–and you can trust me on this–it is simple.”

That distinction, for me, was the key to unlocking the door to, well, everything.  And then the work Hermas and I started to do together began in earnest, and continues many months later to bear powerful results.  By breaking down the paradigm I’d created—excavating the deep well I’d dug for myself, a dark rabbit hole sort of place that I’d willingly tumbled down, only to be buried under the weight of the story I’d believed was my own–Hermas cleared out the distracting information, everything that I, for so many years, had latched onto as a way of defining myself.  In tugging at the threads of the tale, one by one, Hermas helped me to deal with each part of the story in manageable and comprehensible pieces.  And I found that the clarity that process afforded made room for not only real and lasting healing to take place, but for major shifts to happen.  I now see what I once regarded as obstacles in my life as simple, and, in many instances, self-created barriers against making decisions that are aligned with my true self.  Wading through the “deconstruction” has not always been easy, as Hermas, with his characteristic clear-eyed honesty acknowledges, but having the gift of his intuition and steadfast support as one’s trustworthy guide, facilitates enormous growth.  Having Hermas to help sort out the “tangled web one weaves” in fabricating a life-story, removes so much of the fear associated with letting go of familiar habits and patterns that appear to serve us. Yet, when we feel comfortable and safe enough to explore the ways in which those behaviors clearly don’t, it’s astonishing how, with commitment and practice, those “old ways” can be transformed into more conscious (and healthier) choices we can then make as “awake”,  more open individuals.

The shifts that have occurred for me since I’ve begun working with Hermas are quite profound.  And my willingness to stay “stuck in a rut”, I find, has a much shorter shelf life.  I’m generally more aware now of when I’m holding on to something that doesn’t serve me; and I feel as though I have much less tolerance for allowing those things to steer my life’s course–personally, professionally, and most importantly (to me), as a wife and a mother.  My own parenting skills, my “Achilles heel” as I once referred to it,  are something I approach now with much more confidence and awareness of the ways in which I am NOT doomed to repeat, reenact, or recreate the dynamics of the relationship I used to feel so greatly influenced me, the one I shared with my own mother.  Hermas has been especially helpful to me in unlocking something I never thought possible… my capacity for forgiveness around this particular childhood scar.

Hermas has helped me discover the inner resources I’ve always had (but didn’t necessarily understand how to access) in order to address what most of us feel wedded to–the story we’ve written for ourselves.  Hermas believes we all have what we need to feel fulfilled—the very definition of living an authentic life–if only we knew how to connect with that deepest part of ourselves.   By supporting me in trusting my intuition and engaging in a subtle process of “re-training”, he’s helping me find the tools I need (and already possess) to discover my true life’s purpose.  Rather than passively enabling these middle years to be about the journey coming to a screeching halt by accepting that my life’s story has been foretold, Hermas has shown me that I am in the process of writing it.  STILL.   And, as any writer worth his/her salt knows, until you get the beginning of the story set right—which more often than not requires some rigorous rewrites—the rest will ring false.

For, as a wise gentleman once told me (which I now know is true), it’s that simple.


“As an Agape Practitioner and as a person who has been on a comprehensive, passionate, and life-saving multi-modality spiritual path for 41 years, I met with Hermas at first in regards to networking and not regarding any therapeutic request of my own. Then in a gesture of support and inquiry I bid and won some sessions with him that he had so generously donated to a silent auction. So it began that in my first session with Hermas I put on his table my most persistent achilles heel. I travel quite a bit and haven’t had very many sessions. I am still in my quest for complete resolution of this issue, but since I began working with Hermas I have begun to release and embrace quite rapidly and steadily the blocks and gifts within the former mystery. I can say right now that I have no doubt whatsoever that with Hermas as my guide and witness I will transcend this blind spot that has been with me for 46 years (but whose counting? LOL). Although his technique/method is lovely and effective, I believe he could be doing anything and it would work. Hermas is a very rare person who combines presence, insight, compassion, and deep listening with something else that is so rare in the healing and helping professions that I don’t really have words for it. This quality is related to an absence of unhelpful sentimentality almost bordering on a nonviolent anger that is akin to the avenging angelic quality of the divine masculine itself. Focus….clarity….precision of authenticity… health…boundaries…a natural energetic of cutting away that which no longer serves. I hope I have not made Hermas sound scary because he is not at all. He is a loving human being; and isn’t that just the partnership it takes for true healing to occur after all?!” Cathy O’Neill


“Working with Hermas was my first experience working with a transformational coach, and the opportunity seemingly fell into my lap out of nowhere. I was curious, but also somewhat resistant to the idea. I had spent about two years in conversational therapy a few years back, by the end of which I was quite frustrated as I felt that we were simply perpetuating issues by talking circles around them. Hermas blew me away. He was able to pinpoint a deep issue in just one session and provided me with great clarity as well as release from it. He is calm, gentle and I trusted him immediately. At the same time, he did not let me get away with anything. He seems to know that the truth will piss you off before it sets you free, and he is not afraid to go down that road, but does so in the kindest and most constructive way imaginable. It was exactly what I needed.”

” I have been engaged in my personal growth and healing journey for several years and am lucky to have had exceptional therapists and healers of a variety of modalities. I am grateful to them all however none have been as effective as Hermas in delivering an enduring positive shift in a very short amount of time – frankly my experience with Hermas has been life changing and I am not typically one to use such language! Hermas demonstrated a unique ability to hold space and provide complete safety while encouraging exploration of some deep rooted pain and challenged me to re-examine the truth in beliefs and schemas I have developed over the years. The truth, it turned out, is something I already know, but I didn’t have a way of connecting to it. Hermas’s unique approach goes beyond providing insight or intellectual understanding, but rather incorporates direct experience – and it is this direct experience that I have found to be the key to the relief – peace – that I have felt since our work. His approach – an eclectic mix of, meditation, hypnotherapy, narrative therapy, cognitive therapy, and gestalt therapy – was a journey into key events and experiences of my life (I am taking some liberty in trying to define Hermas’s work here, sorry my friend!). There I was able to re-experience the events and to explore the nuances of what was happening calmly and objectively. In other words I was given the opportunity to experience the truth of what happened rather than perceived truth developed through the lens of a scared boy or angry young man. To be able to have the direct experience, or better yet, to re-experience these events in truth has created a shift in the way I experience people – from my closest family and friends to new acquaintances and strangers in the street. As I write this note for those that might be considering working with Hermas I am realizing that what he really did for me was to help me find the truth in my own experience and that truth in itself has been the source of liberation. Over the weeks since our last session I find that I can re-source the sessions with Hermas when I find myself fearful or agitated leading me to the truth that is happening rather than an activated – reactive interpretation. Thanks Hermas. Koorosh Rassekh.”

“Being someone who believes, “I’ve done it all” when it comes to the myriad of healing modalities available, I was skeptical Hermas would be able to really assist me. That being said, when we met I felt moved to work with him because he is grounded and carries with him a sense of peace. Admirable qualities that led me to believe he had something special, something beyond his intellectual knowledge that would be guiding our sessions together. His words and guidance carried more weight with me because he knows and believes in each of us being unique, blameless (that’s not to say, without responsibility, but with compassionate seeing) expressions of the universe. He does not harbor judgment behind his kind words, he is real. He is genuine in his understanding of humanities search for wholeness, for creative expression, for freedom of the shadowy voices that attempt to keep our hearts stifled and our minds limited. He opens the pathways of our inner wisdom. Its like you’re getting an opportunity to hear what your “big picture” soul plan had in mind all along and frees you from believing that anything that’s happened to you was ever wrong or bad or a mistake. You see the beauty and purposeful intent of your life’s unfolding. ”

“As a coach I experience Hermas as calm, direct and unafraid. This makes me feel free to go to places I would otherwise feel constrained, as I know he will be unfazed. I find his ability to hold the space while we talk very liberating and inspiring, as my voice often comes out more forcefully than I ever could have expected. His commitment to getting to the truth is what underlies this – it is stronger than any need for politeness or good manners. And that is rare and valuable indeed. Thank you.”

“I had never worked with a transformational coach before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience of working with Hermas has far exceeded my expectations. In fact, my life improved profoundly after just one session. I would say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

“There are so many valuable lessons that I learned from working with Hermas. However, the most profound experience I had in the work we did together was the realization that forgiveness stems from asking to be forgiven. Hermas and I did some deep healing on the broken relationship I had with my mother. Though there was justifiable anger on my part towards my mother, Hermas showed me that this anger was an old story that was causing me to act in ways that did not align with how I want to be in the world. he asked me to apologize to my mother for my behavior towards her over the years, and by making this bold move a healing that I had been working to achieve for what seemed like forever happened immediately. Taking responsibility for my part of the story has not only enabled me to forgive my mom, but I have been able to apply this lesson to many aspects of my life.

Hermas was good at helping me define what my goals and priorities are and providing simple, useful tools for me to use to help me achieve them.

I went to Hermas wanting to draw a new career map for myself. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but it was vague, and I needed help defining it. Along the way, we explored many different realms of consciousness that were often uncomfortable to tread, and seemed to be leading me astray from my original intent in working with him. But, looking back, I can see that it was necessary to explore some of those realms, and in fact, I left Hermas with much more focus and direction in my career goals.” Glendene Wolf

“There is no doubt that Hermas has a unique set of skills.  There may be many others who share those same skills, but what makes Hermas “unique” is his ability to share those skills with others.  They key for me was awareness.  Once Hermas helped me become aware of emotions, desires and conflicts within myself that I had not seen before, a whole new world opened up for me.  A world of possibilites.  A world with forward movement.  And most important of all…it was kind of fun!  That’s not to say that there isn’t work involved.  But if you’re willing to do the work, the payoff is immense.  There is simply no way you can go wrong by seeking out Hermas Lassalle and experiencing his particular process of Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling.” Tamara Sobel


“Hermas created a very confident, comfortable environment. The work we did went very deep. Hermas didn’t attempt to explain and categorize all the things coming up as some therapists I’ve worked with do. Instead we focused on a journey that would yield a positive shift. Which was the result.”

” Hermas is a brilliant coach. The depth of his insight and caring is immeasurable. He has helped me find my center again in a blinding storm of challenging circumstances. As a coach, you could do no better than Hermas Lassalle.”

“Look at me I’m flying!” The depth of your listening as I was gently guided on a journey helped me create a space to safely explore what had been undermining the foundations of my being. I moved through my fear of abandonment and was transformed in an instant, I made the leap, abandonment without the fear is so much fun and so ME!! I can and will access those lessons I learnt on the way. I feel like I am on track, walking with joy and looking to be surprised and delighted by the adventures ahead. Thank you.
Emily Lampard

What can I say about Hermas Lassalle? All is right in the world. After aeons. Everything is bliss. And it is not a cloud, nor a bubble that can burst. It is reality and Hermas has taken me to a place where I can access this reality and embrace it and simply basque in it – and live my life the way that I was meant to live it. All is right in my world and I am indebted to Hermas. He is brilliant, insightful, unusually grounded, and has a voracious appetite for what lies beneath, in between and above me. Our work together has helped me to meet the challenge of sharing my gifts with the world. Ready or not, here I come.

“Coaching has enabled me to move forward into a more engaged life by setting goals, confronting myself and demystifying my fears. Hermas is a wonderful guide and partner in this process and contributes encouragement, discipline and insight as needed. Hermas, thank you for helping me to honor my commitments to myself and to stay in action.”

“To sum it up best, I can honestly say that having just one live session with Hermas brought me to a direct and immediate experience of my true self.”

“We were able to drive right into the most important issue at hand for me as an adult, and that is reviewing the stories I had told and re-told myself about how my life was as a child. Stories that subsequently would mold my experiences as I grew into the man I am today.”

Usually, I only had such experiences in the face of tragedy, or after investing much time in therapy, or in meditation. This time, it came right to the surface, and spoke words of pure truth, and inspiration. For the first time in ages, I truly felt as one. ”

“Hermas has been a huge help in getting me to recognize my true potential. He has been very effective in showing me where my hang ups lie and how to deal with them so that I can focus on my inner power as a positive influence to my immediate environment. THANK YOU HERMAS! I continue to work with Hermas to improve my skills on listening to my instincts and following them thru to completion.”

“Hermas’s unique insight and unbiased coaching comes straight from a generous and wise heart. He has a natural ability at shinning a light into our blind spots.”

“No one ever grows by not understanding. Connecting with Hermas and taking his coaching session allowed me to uncover a deep need to be heard that I always knew was there but never knew why. When I wanted to rush through, he held me there and walked with me hand in hand until we got to the finish line…. together. When fear kicked in and my mental faculties tried to forget the pain, his understanding of my process allowed me to gently remember the missing component. That was what I was looking for to heal, make the connection and grow into what I yearn for now. ”

“Sensitive, perceptive and focused Hermas really helped me get on track and sort out what I wanted from my life, creating new directions in tune with who I really am, under all the stuff that covers up the glorious true me.”

“I really enjoy my coaching sessions with Hermas. He provides a space where I can truly get in contact with who I am and learn from myself. No matter how down I feel when we start our sessions, Hermas is always able to get me to distinguish what layers of meaning I have given to events in my life. Then I am able to resolve the issue and powerfully take on my life again.”

“When I first reached out to Hermas, I was in a great deal of pain, emotionally, physically and spiritually. A dark depression hung over me and anxiety plagued me. I was hoping to stop feeling so bad, but I had not expected to start feeling so good, so soon! My problems didn’t suddenly disappear, but he showed me that my problems, which I had allowed to overwhelm me, could simply become life-situations to be solved. Hermas has a relaxed, gentle way about him that puts me at ease and helps make the process focused yet fun. And he always reminds me that I am the one doing the work, I am the one making the choices. But I know his presence, guidance and witness to my work makes this process a lot easier. Thank you Hermas.”

“Hermas Lassalle has showed me that life is about identifying my uncomfortable feelings and confronting them in order to make myself comfortable enough to own or release them. the physical experience of this is both intense and enlightening!”

“Hermas has an unbelievable perception of energy, space and shifts that give him an opportunity to help me identify my blockages. he operates in a way that encourages trust and open heartedness.”

“Hermas my brother he tunes in, he listens, he shares your joys and your sorrows and he gently guides you to a new life.”