What is Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling is a process through which we seek to find out who we really are at the center of our beings. Most of us are so busy trying to get to the top of our professions, to be the best parents and good citizens that we end up spending too little time answering the most important question we can ask ourselves – “Who am I?” Each individual has a unique and purposeful talent. Without knowing who we are, we are rarely able to find that thing we can do better than anybody else. And without that directed, fulfilling movement toward our ultimate destiny, we inevitably stumble into the sense that there is something missing from our lives. Frustration, which often leads to crisis and/or depression, is often the wake up call.

Life’s hiccups are opportunistic cracks in the firmament of our lives. The coaching and spiritual counseling profession has been called into being by these and similar pitfalls in our complex society today. A coach/spiritual counselor provides an individual with the opportunity to move forward, through powerful questioning, acute listening, guidance and a map for real action, towards a new perspective and ultimate change. On a practical level, a coach/spiritual counselor works as a one to one guide helping to develop a keen awareness of one’s process. The interfacing (communicating not only on an auditory level but also through sensory data, mood shifts, pace, energy, emotion and reaction to environment) that takes place between client and coach/spiritual counselor is an exploration of values and a cultivation of a deep sense of self, without which it is difficult to find true fulfillment and meaning.

An open trusting relationship is crucial to this exploration. Without judgment one can learn as much from failure as from accomplishment.

A coach/spiritual counselor creates an environment where the only consequence of truth is growth and learning. When we are not able to access our own truth (as we are often not) a good coach/spiritual counselor has the acuity to help guide one through the chaos and fog. Where there is courage to tell the truth the client gets a model in the art of “being straight” and is set on a practical path to dealing with the gremlin or “little voice” that often abhors change and demands the status quo. Becoming conscious of the forces at work within us liberates our fears and opens the gateway for walking a path toward a positive and meaningful future.

The Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling profession has experienced excellent results in helping people to create real and consistent results in their lives. There is not an individual out there who would not benefit from the awareness that Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling brings (no matter the issues they are searching to define). A few years ago the question often asked outside of the Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Counseling community was, “what is a life coach?” Today it is “who is your life coach?” Find a good Life Coach who moves and inspires you. You will never see your life in the same way again.

How do you release?

Yesterday after my posting I was asked “how do you release?”   Here is one way to release.

Releasing really comes down to you being aware (this is the first step! awareness that you are holding on to a way of being)  of how much holding on costs you emotionally, energetically and physically.   Holding on to all that taxes your wellbeing and  is not necessary!  Release that baggage and you may find yourself feeling unconstricted, lighter, freer and all with more energy.

So how do you let go?  Once you have established that you are holding on to a way of being ask your self what’s the story behind it?  Could be a story from your childhood or your teenage years.  Once you have a story in mind ask yourself who was there, present in that story.  When you have a person in mind reflect on what it was that was unfinished or unexpressed between you both.  Unexpressed emotion, feelings and or thoughts are the building blocks of resentment and anger – Resentment and anger are the glue that holds the behavior to you.

Release the Anger or resentment by being fully expressed to that person.  You do not have to do this with the other person, you can create a conversation in your mind with that person and imagine them interacting with you.  In your imaginary world have them respond to you as you are fully expressed with them.  When they respond to you imagine them responding not from their personality as you know it but rather from their heart personality or from a place of pure love, what would they say to you then?  This conversation can provide you with the fertile ground for understanding and forgiveness and or release.  Once they are released you are done on that level, you have let go and all the baggage that went with what you were holding on to will now be gone!

Then keep an open heart and see what you receive.

Give it a try and let me know how you do and what you receive or get in touch with any questions!   Email me at   hermas@lassallecoaching.com

When we release we receive.

When we release we receive. I experienced the other day a client who instead of going through the usual motions of understanding and then forgiving (as can be the process in being fully expressed to one you hold a grudge or some anger or guilt or shame) her father, went straight to “I release you” instead of I forgive you, as she released her father (who had been dead for many years now) and was experiencing this process, feeling the space created by  the release she suddenly blurted out in tears ” I am receiving all the love that was held back by my holding my father in this way (that she released). She got to experience that withheld love that she had kept from herself for all those 35 years!

A truly remarkable experience for someone who held anger at her father for the way he treated her as a child and therefore had never experienced this love!

Anger blocks out love in order to receive the love you need to release the anger!  In order to receive the love and abundance that is ours to experience we need to release and let go to make space for the receiving.  Love is available to us all in wonderfully abundant portions.  What in your life can you let go of that will bring about that which you desire to receive?  Think about it for a while as there are many subjects or topics that releasing and receiving cover!!

Even the word release has a tremendous amount of power.  Just uttering out loud “I release ………………”  can in itself help to let go of that which you wish to let go of!

and then…. Out loud utter ” I receive …………….”

We are extraordinary beings capable of extraordinary acts of humanness.  Feel the pulse, the wave of “I release – I receive”

In your receiving….Hermas


We create that which we are triggered.

When we work on ourselves we release those close to us and thus change our relation with them.  Often we want those around us to change so that we do not have to suffer from their behavior.  Yet if we release the perspective we hold that they trigger in us,  they will automatically change towards us!  People respond to the energy we give out.  If we are giving (from a subconscious place) negative energy even though we may deny it or hide it from those that trigger us to react that way will feel it and respond accordingly.. they move away or are defensive back to us.

Therefore if you recognize that what you are responding to you created, then you know that you can change their response by releasing (from your subconscious) that negative energy triggered!  We all have the ability to self help if we just listen to our body wisdom for a few minutes a day, to train ourselves in that language, in the subtle nuances our gut/intuition shares with us.

By releasing those past perspective we free ourselves to be lighter and more present thus allowing us to follow our true divine path and deepen our relationships.

Release the Baggage Collector

I was made aware yesterday of the amounts of baggage I carry around with me that I am not conscious of.  This baggage had a very subtle and yet powerful way of throwing me off track.  I only noticed the power of it when it came into my consciousness, up to that point I was not aware that I even carried that baggage!  The subtle way in which it showed up hidden in the habits that formed a large part of my day.  The routine that I took for granted is really just these habits repeating themselves over and over again.  When we break routine we allow ourselves the opportunity to see or experience that yearning for the habit, we want it back in our lives as it serves a purpose albeit a subtle purpose!  So how does this baggage translate to subtle behavior and how can we put down the baggage and change our habits.  As I became conscious of my behavior yesterday I recognised that there was a need not being met in that moment, I tracked the way I was feeling to an experience from when I was 13 and did a healing.  I forgave myself and my mother and released the story I had around projects.  In the healing I had my needs met and was able to let go!  I no longer carry that piece of baggage and my step is lighter!   Om Shanti

The blessing of our distress…..if you work with it.

A client came in to the session the other day filled with agitated frustration, there was a moment where I wondered how I would work with him as he was so agitated.  As soon as I asked where he had felt this way before he blurted out……and the session began.  He took himself back through all the times and ages his relationship with his father had resulted in him feeling this way.  I am reminded here how being full of  emotion is a great way to access and work on yourself, you are open, wide open infact.  A pathway to your subconscious  opens up and if you follow, you are led, right to the area where in this case the frustration/agitation came from.  Our body/mind is wise and if listened to will always lead you to where you need to go to clear out unwanted emotional baggage.  This individual was able to let go of old thought and feeling patterns through understanding and forgiveness, which changed his relationship with his father.  What I find so fascinating is that through his release of negative energy towards his father, (frustrated, agitated anger) his father then related to him un-promted in a completely new way.  Thus the work done on self affects those around us and how they then relate to us!

Respecting & honoring the life force that is greater than ourselves.

I was shown the other day how the power of forgiveness clearly shifted a great burdensome weight from the shoulders of an individual. It reminded me that we cannot underestimate the power of the forces that we cannot see! The very deep emotional release that took place freed up the psyche and a pattern of nightly distress was released.

We are given and or shown every nano second how to be that is in alignment with our true nature in accordance with the natural balance of this planet, yet we only hear or listen to 1% of that direction that is given to us 100% of the time. When we let ourselves receive from a force greater than ourselves we invite guidance that encompasses more than we can conceive with our mind and worldly experience. Guidance that is in line with our origin. We have become a blunt tool, as the lessons for sharpening our selves have been warped and polluted by our overactive ego, which cannot see beyond its own existence. When we understand that our ego is often controlled by our shadow (which can include fear, anger) and not our light, it makes sense that we get caught in holding onto negative emotion as it is that negative emotion which gives our ego a reason to exist!

When we surrender to a force greater than ourselves we open up to an experience of that ego for what it really is. Allowing us to address the balance, the balance of light and dark. When mystical experiences occur (ones that we cannot explain with our mind) we can very easily put it down to luck or coincidence discarding the subtle vital signs of a force greater than ourselves at work.